Best CPA Review Courses Of 2021

Best CPA Review Courses
Best CPA Review Courses
Best CPA Review Courses

The best CPA study materials are essential to your success and could be the difference between passing and failing your exams. Furthermore, there’s no one-size-fits-all course, so it’s important that you choose the one that best fits your own learning style and preferences.

Accordingly, these CPA study materials will be your best friend and constant companion for the next 6 to 18 months, so your choice had better be on point.

Lucky for you, I’ve accessed and personally tried each of the top Certified Public Accountant (CPA) review courses below to save you the effort!

The chart below shows what each of the top 7 courses provides (or doesn’t provide) and explains what I found most important in making this critical decision.

#1. Becker CPA Review Course

becker cpa review


Becker CPA Pros & Cons

  • AI Technology: Becker has partnered with Sana Labs to bring their students award-winning technology to enhance their Adapt2U exam technology. As you progress through the course, your abilities are gauged and the AI gives you harder questions where you’re really good, and gives you more practice in areas you’re struggling.Item 2
  • Industry Leading Instructors: All instructors are experts in their field, they are also very engaging. Becker instructors like to use mnemonics that you’ll never forget and include a little splash of humor to keep you listening. With a collective 60+ years of experience, you will always have support while studying for the CPA exam.
  • Task-Based Simulation SkillMaster Videos: Becker is the only provider that offers instructor-led TBS videos. They have over 400+ SkillMaster videos that provide step-by-step instruction. Very important considering half the exam are Task-Based Simulations.
  • Flexible Format: Becker offers self-study, live-online classrooms and live-in person classrooms. All these options ensure that you get the perfect experience for you.

Why Becker? Becker’s name alone will greatly enhance your legitimacy when applying for jobs at large accounting firms. They’ve earned this reputation for offering the best CPA study resources on the market; you can’t go wrong!

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#2 Surgent CPA Review Course


Surgent CPA Pros & Cons

  • Experienced Instructors: Surgent CPA Review instructors each have at least 15-20 years of experience teaching accounting and CPA Exam prep courses. This gives them more insight and useful strategies than the average teacher. Video lessons are very short and often average 10 minutes in length, which makes it easy to absorb lessons.
  • New Dashboard: Surgent has released updates for its course designed in a way that is both intuitive and nice to look at. This is one of the cleanest-looking courses on the market and it’s something that sets Surgent review apart from other products.
  • Unlimited Course Access: With Surgent, you have complete access to course materials until you pass. This really defines Surgent from other CPA Exam course reviews as it removes the stress of worrying about extra fees if you fail to pass your test the first time.
  • Value: In terms of getting the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat the Surgent CPA Review. With a new design and more streamlined access to content, you’d expect a price tag that’s a little higher.
  • Free Flashcards: Surgent created a Free CPA Exam flashcard app that is available for both iOS and Android devices with a 5-star rating in both app stores. The app features 2,200 terms and definitions and is free whether you choose to buy the full course or not.

Why Surgent? If you want to pass the CPA Exam quickly, Surgent and its learning technology makes it the best course for passing the CPA Exam as fast as possible. On average, their students pass the CPA exam in 3 weeks and are exam-ready in 58 hours of study time.

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#3 Wiley CPAExcel Review Course


Wiley CPAExcel Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Support System: Sometimes, taking an online course can feel like you’re studying in a vacuum with no fellow students or instructors to assist you. Fortunately, this is far from the case with Wiley CPAexcel; in addition to their guided Exam Planner, Platinum students can ask questions directly to their instructors.
  • Score Prediction: It’s a lot less stressful to take an exam if you already know what your score is going to be— which is why Wiley includes a Score Predictor with their online test prep courses. This technology studies your results as you work through the material to create estimated scores for each exam section, which can help you track your progress and stay motivated.
  • Review and Recommend: Speaking of progress tracking and motivation, Wiley takes things one step further with FocusMeTechnology. This adaptive learning feature creates 10 to 30 minute study sessions that are specifically designed to target subject matter you don’t fully understand. The predictive data models are powered by technology from one of the top players in educational tech.
  • Tons of Content: How much time do you need to prepare for the CPA exam? With Wiley, you’ll have enough practice questions to spend a year or more studying for the test. There are also tons of bite-sized video lectures and flashcards to work through, so you won’t get bored just answering thousands of questions.
  • Mobile Study Sessions: One reason why Wiley is such a good choice for busy students is their mobile app. It’s one of the best apps for an online class— you can seamlessly transfer your progress between mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. If you’re constantly on the move, this means you can start a lesson on one device and finish it on another.

Why Wiley CPAExcel? Signing up for Wiley CPAexcel is like hiring a personal exam trainer that you can take with you anywhere you go. For that reason, we highly recommend it to any aspiring CPA who has a busy schedule!

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#4 UWorld Roger CPA Review Course

UWorld Roger CPA Review Course


UWorld Roger CPA Pros & Cons

  • Fun Video Lectures: The biggest selling point of this elite CPA exam review course is Roger himself. He’s a truly dynamic and engaging teacher who makes you want to pay attention. Furthermore, his energy pulls you in and makes the material so much more interesting; it’s clear that he has a passion for helping students pass the CPA exam.
  • High-Quality Material: UWorld Roger CPA Review’s textbooks and practice questions are made in-house based on released AICPA questions. With the aid of SmartPath predictive technology, your study plan is optimized to keep you engaged and motivated. Additionally, UWorld’s user interface is easy to use, allowing you to seamlessly switch between lectures, flashcards, and practice exams.
  • Memory Techniques: “The Roger Method” uses memory aids and mnemonics to help you retain the information. Additionally, the digital flashcards use spaced repetition, which is a helpful way to memorize the contents of each one.
  • Flexibility to Study Your Way: UWorld Roger CPA Review offers great flexibility in how you study with 24/7 online access, mobile device support, offline access with a mobile app, and audio lectures. Ultimately, with the many different study options, you can study anywhere, at any time.
  • Study Hub: No matter what course package you choose, you’ll be able to browse answers to over 17,000 questions asked by students in UWorld Roger’s Study Hub. However, you’ll only be able to ask a question yourself if you’re enrolled in their Elite-Unlimited course.

Why UWorld Roger? If you’re interested in exciting video lectures and other engaging materials, UWorld Roger CPA Review has the tools you need!

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#5 Gleim CPA Review Course

Gleim CPA Review Course


Gleim CPA Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Material: Gleim covers every topic that could appear on the exam and goes into great detail with the aid of their SmartAdapt technology. By studying every possible area in a guided fashion, you can be certain that there will be no surprises when you take the actual exam.
  • Number of Questions: Gleim provides students with over 10,000 multiple choice questions and over 1,300 task-based simulations. Using Gleim as a supplement for FAR, I found that the questions were a lot more difficult than those on the actual exam. By mastering the difficult practice questions, I was more than prepared for the questions on my exam.
  • Affordable: At $1,999 Gleim is the best bang-for-your-buck course on the market. Thousands of practice questions and sims, a customizable study planner, audio lectures, and a personal counselor all make this course stand out. If you just want to use this program as a supplement, you can even purchase individual test prep for a single section of the exam for under $200.
  • Audio Review: An audio review is provided with the purchase of the Gleim Review System package. It can be downloaded to multiple devices to facilitate studying on the go. I used an audio review while I studied and it helped me tremendously; it’s logically structured in a way that explains relevant information.
  • Access Until You Pass: Gleim Online offers extended “Access Until You Pass” to all students. If you don’t pass the CPA exam sections for which you have purchased Gleim Online, you will receive unlimited continued access to Gleim Online until you pass.

Why Gleim? If you’ve been out of school for a number of years and want access to a personal counselor throughout your studies, Gleim is the right fit for you.

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#6 Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course


FastForward Academy CPA Pros & Cons

  • Affordable: Fast Forward Academy CPA review is relatively affordable at $1,014 for the Online Bundle package, or $1,224 for the Smart Bundle package, which comes with physical textbooks. The course is designed for students who prefer not to use physical textbooks, but let’s be honest—there’s better options out there!
  • Responsive Study Planner: The study planner is customizable and responsive. Once you select your study period and exclusion days, your daily study tasks are set up for you. Students can opt to receive notifications by text message to remind them of daily tasks. Some people have noted that this system isn’t too great, as it’s annoying and not really anything that can’t be done via another app or calendar.
  • 30 Day Refund: Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass. But what if you don’t fit well with the course structure and want to use a different course. Well, you’ll only have 30 days to figure it out in order to receive a refund. This isn’t much time, especially if you find out the course didn’t work for you when you don’t pass. Alternatively, other courses don’t have a time limit on their refund and instead abide by a pass or refund guarantee. You’ll have to make sure you meet all of Fast Forwards 30 day refund qualifications too in order to get your money back.
  • No Mobile App: Although Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient. Other courses have awesome mobile apps that makes quick study sessions easy and simple. It helps to have an app that you can use to quickly fit in a topic or two on-the-go.

Why FFA? Fast Forward Academy is still a new course with a lot to prove. Therefore, I would recommend this for you if you are on a strict budget.

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#7 Yaeger CPA Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review Course


Yaeger CPA Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Customer Support: Some students may have reservations about the lack of live lectures or fear that their questions won’t be answered. However, Yaeger provides direct access to instructors via their live Instructor Hotline, a feature most other courses do not offer. Live help comes from the instructors who teach the video lectures, including Phil Yaeger himself!
  • Flexible and Customized Format: Yaeger caters to all types of students and offers flexibility by offering different types of study formats. The new AdaptaPASS course reflects students’ own preferences in how they like to study and takes into account the upcoming changes to the CPA exam in 2017 whether you prefer video lectures or textbook format.
  • Teaching Approach: Yaeger’s instructors will walk you through each topic in their video lectures step-by-step, while they reinforce your understanding of each concept by working through hundreds of multiple choice questions and simulations right alongside you. Their goal is to make sure students understand concepts, as opposed to rote memorization.
  • Affordable & Flexible Pricing: The complete Yeager online course includes the 100+ hours of video lectures, interactive textbooks, test bank software, instructor handouts, and access to the Instructor Hotline. Yaeger allows you to buy different packages, individual section materials, or various time subscription plans depending on how quickly you expect to pass each part.
  • Additional Study Help: Yeager provides the option of audio lectures, the CPA review quiz generator, CRAM courses, and mobile flashcards. I recommend Yaeger for those students who need a comprehensive course that provides in-depth explanations and multiple study options. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a student who couldn’t benefit from all the choices Yaeger has to offer!

Why Yaeger? Yaeger is a good fit for you if you want a comprehensive course that gives you more than enough information to successfully pass the CPA Exam.

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#8 Lambers CPA Review Course


Lambers CPA Review Course


Lambers CPA Pros & Cons

  • Piece by Piece: What if you only need help studying for a specific portion of the CPA exam? Most of the other prep courses on this list come with all the content in one package; Lambers is more flexible in their pricing by allowing you to purchase materials for one section at a reduced cost.
  • Updated Regularly: There’s a terrific benefit to this prep course having online-only study materials— they’re always kept up-to-date. Unlike courses that offer physical flashcards and textbooks, you don’t have to worry about paying for outdated CPA prep content.
  • Drill Sergeant: Are you stuck on some CPA exam concepts or terms? If so, Lambers will identify your knowledge gaps with their adaptive learning technology. Once it does, you’ll have access to customized content in order to drill these questions until you understand the correct answers.
  • Guarantee: Although Lambers offers a guarantee to candidates who sign up for their course, it has one important distinction you should know about. You can only qualify for a refund if you fail the exam twice— a good deal for repeat test takers, but a bad deal if you’re taking it for the first time.

Why Lambers CPA Review? If you’re already enrolled in a different prep course and need some extra help, Lambers is a fantastic supplemental study aid. They’re particularly good for improving your score in one specific exam section.

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Quiz: Which CPA Course Is Right For You?

Answer these few short questions so we can pair you with the best fit CPA course.

Best CPA Study Materials

While the CPA study materials listed above are really good, sometimes the course that is right for you is missing a couple helpful features that can enhance your studies. Don’t stress. There are a variety of different supplemental CPA study materials you can use to add on to your CPA exam study material to make sure it has everything you need to pass. Some popular CPA exam supplementals are mobile apps, test banks, flashcards, and cram courses.

Let’s walk through all of these and look at why you may consider buying them. Remember that buying supplemental products from a different company besides your main CPA exam review course can be beneficial. It gives you a different study method and a variety of the best CPA study materials.

Which CPA Review Course Has The Best Test Banks?

Studying for the CPA exam is made easier thanks to numerous practice questions. The best source for these helpful study tools is supplemental CPA test banks. Below are some of the best options available to those who are getting ready to sit for the exam.

Wiley CPA Test Bank

One of the most popular supplemental products in the CPA exam industry, the Wiley Test Bank includes 4,500+ CPA Exam practice questions with detailed answer rationales and 160 task-based simulations, including new Document Review Simulations (DRS).

Gleim CPA Test Bank

With more than 10,000 exam-emulating multiple-choice questions and simulations of the largest test bank on the market, Gleim tests your knowledge and skills at the levels of the CPA Exam to ensure that you’re completely prepared.

Which CPA Review Course Has The Best Exam Cram Courses?

Whether you need to improve your CPA Exam score by 10 points or you simply want to solidify difficult concepts for final review, a solid Cram Course is the best study supplement to get you there. A CPA exam cram course is the best way to reinforce your understanding of the most heavily tested test topics in a short amount of time.

Lambers CPA Review

Although they’re not technically a cram course, Lambers CPA Review is set up in the perfect way for use in your final review. By enrolling in one of their Enhanced Test Prep courses, you can take advantage of adaptive learning to quickly run through your problem areas right before exam day.

Which CPA Review Has The Best Flashcards?

There’s a reason that a lot of the older study methods still exist: the way that humans learn hasn’t changed that much! CPA exam flashcards are a popular study tool because these help to reinforce key topics and are perfect for rote memorization. Check out these great CPA flashcards below:

Becker CPA Flashcards

Regardless of which tier of study package you choose, Becker provides over 1,400 digital flashcards to help you memorize important concepts and terms relating to the CPA exam. These are accessible on desktop and mobile devices, but you can also get an identical set of printed cards if you enroll in their Pro review course.

UWorld Roger CPA Flashcards

UWorld offers hundreds of digital flashcards with unique features. Through spaced repetition, you can work through your customizable decks in a pattern that helps you remember specific terms and subjects. And speaking of customization, you can instantly create new flashcards by highlighting different portions of the study text.

Which CPA Review Course Has The Best Mobile Apps?

Studying on the go is incredibly important for students and those who are working full time. Studying on your phone during your subway commute or lunch hour is invaluable, as it can turn downtime into productive breaks. CPA exam mobile applications are the best way to squeeze in twenty or thirty minutes of studying, especially when the app is fully optimized!

Becker CPA Review Mobile App

Becker deserves special recognition here due to the fact that they offer two different mobile apps as part of their CPA review catalog. The first is a standard companion app that allows you to seamlessly access all of your digital study materials wherever you are; it even lets you pick up from where you left off by switching from mobile to desktop and vise versa. Additionally, Becker’s Accounting for Empires mobile game offers more educational value while also being an entertaining game you can play on your study breaks!

Surgent CPA Review Mobile App

Surgent is offering a completely free Flashcard app for iPhone and Android giving you the chance to study 2,200+ CPA exam terms and definitions on your smartphone. Every candidate should be taking advantage of this offer while it lasts!

Which Is The Best CPA Review Course for Video Lectures?

CPA video lectures are ideal for those that prefer to learn by watching a teacher go over the important accounting concepts. Since many students prefer this style of learning, video lectures are one of the most important parts of any CPA review course.

UWorld Roger CPA Review has some of the best video materials in the industry with his engaging lectures. Another great course for video lectures would be Surgent CPA Review and its knowledgeable instructors.

CPA Review CourseVideo Lecture Hours
Surgent CPA Review350
UWorld Roger CPA Review120
Yaeger CPA Review104
Gleim CPA Review100
Fast Forward Academy470
Becker CPA Review275

Bottom Line: Since Roger is the most engaging instructor in the industry, UWorld Roger CPA Review is the best review course for video lectures.

Which CPA Review Course has the most Multiple Choice Questions ?

Multiple choice questions are the core of any CPA review course, as these mirror the exam content and are the best way to practice for the test. The number of MCQs isn’t always the most important metric for these questions. You must also note that some questions are harder and more like the actual exam than others. Becker has a ton of great questions, but Gleim has the highest volume by far.

CPA Review CourseMultiple Choice Questions
Surgent CPA Review7,500
Becker CPA Review9,200+
Yaeger CPA Review5,000
Gleim CPA Review10,000
UWorld Roger CPA Review6,200
Fast Forward Academy6,000

Bottom Line: Gleim CPA Review provides more multiple choice questions than any course, so you’re not going to run out of practice questions.

Which CPA Review Course has the Best Task-Based Simulations (TBS)?

Task-based simulations are increasingly important because of the changes made to the CPA Exam in 2017. Because of this new test that places more importance of simulations, CPA review courses now place more emphasis on these questions, ensuring you can pass after practicing the TBS section. Once again, Becker and Gleim are the best courses for TBSs that have included up to date TBS materials and have optimized these sections for the new CPA exam blueprints.

CPA Review CourseNumber of Task-Based Simulations
Surgent CPA Review417+
Becker CPA Review580+
Yaeger CPA Review164
Gleim CPA Review1,300
Fast Forward Academy230
UWorld Roger CPA Review400

Bottom Line: While Becker has extremely up-to-date materials with tons of accompanying video content, Gleim CPA Review has the most task based simulations for your CPA exam practice.

CPA Study Material Discounts & Financing Options Compared

Why pay full price for a CPA review course when there are plenty of great CPA discount codes that are available! Take hundreds of dollars off Surgent CPA Review or another course with these great CPA course promo codes. If you can’t pay for a pricey CPA course, check out the financing options from Surgent and Roger CPA Review.

CPA Review CoursePrice with DiscountFinancing Available?
Surgent CPA Review$1,799Yes, 0%
UWorld Roger CPA Review$2,987Yes, 0-30%
Yaeger CPA Review$1,079Yes
Gleim CPA Review$1,599Yes
Fast Forward Academy$1,749Yes

Bottom Line: Surgent CPA Review offers the best financing options, with 0% and a low monthly rate thanks to an affordable price point.

Additional Resources to Get You On the Right Track

Not sure which review course is right for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Check out my side by side comparison of Wiley CPAexcel vs. Becker. You can also learn more about other accounting certifications including EA Review Courses and CIA Study Materials. If you have any specific CPA questions, just drop a comment below and I’ll personally help find the right course for you!

CPA Requirements by State Summary

Picking the right course is important for passing the exam, but you still need to understand your state-specific requirements for the certification. Each state asks you to complete an education and work experience requirement before you can sit for the exam. Plus, you may need to complete an ethics exam or be a certain age before you qualify.

All of that is why it’s so important to understand each state’s CPA exam requirements. To help you out, I’ve created a resource you can use to easily check if you qualify for the CPA exam in your state. It lists all the major requirements for each state and is a great checklist when preparing for the exam.

Bear in mind that this is a general overview. You’ll want to check your state’s CPA board for a more specific breakdown of what’s required when preparing for the exam. Should you do so, it’ll be easy to meet the requirements and schedule an exam.

CPA Requirements By State

CPA Review Courses FAQ

Is becoming a CPA worth it?

The total amount that you will have to spend to pass the exam is about $4,400. Of course, this sum could vary based on the CPA Review Course that you choose. Additionally, each state has its own rules and charges, so this could also result in a higher (or lower) total cost. You also have to remember that you may not pass on your first attempt. This could mean additional exam fees and registration charges. However, the total expenditure for passing the CPA exam is a small fraction of the financial gains that you can make as a member of one of the world’s most respected accounting bodies.


How long does Becker CPA Review last?

According to Becker, your license will expire at the end of 18 months from the date of first login or 24 months from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first.


Is Wiley CPA better than Becker?

Although Wiley has an appealing price and promises many helpful features, Becker far outshines them with high-quality instructors, excellent mobile apps, and tons of follow-up help.


What is the average salary of a CPA?

According to Payscale, the average annual salary of a CPA is slightly over $65,000.