Best CPA Review Courses Of 2019

The best CPA exam review courses  are essential to your success and could easily be the difference between passing and failing your exams. There’s no one-size-fits-all course, so it’s extremely important that you choose the one that best fits your personal learning style and preferences. These CPA study materials will be your best friend and constant companion for the next 6 to 18 months, so your decision had better be on point. Lucky for you,…

Surgent CPA Review

surgent cpa reviewCourse Rating: ★★★★★

Surgent CPA Review promises to deliver excellent test results in less study time. This efficient program targets the most important topics on the CPA exam and uses adaptive learning technology to pinpoint students’ weak areas so they can focus on their knowledge gaps.

Founder Jack Surgent and expert instructor Liz Kolar lead an experienced and effective team of teachers. Their comprehensive study materials cover all essential topics on the CPA exam without getting bogged down in the details.

Surgent Adaptive Technology

surgent cpa macSurgent takes advantage of the latest technology to help students cut down on study time. The company reports that most clients spend less than 100 hours studying for each part of the exam. Surgent’s proprietary software determines which areas need more practice and which topics have already been mastered.

Surgent’s secret? It’s called ReadySCORE.

This program tracks your results as you answer questions and generates a constantly updated score that determines your overall exam readiness. This tool is impressive on its own, but where it really shines is in conjunction with A.S.A.P. technology, which builds custom study sessions for you based on your dynamically updated information. After you’ve answered about a third of the questions in a section, the software selects those questions you should study next and directs you to specific readings and videos.

Surgent has brought studying into the 21st century with A.S.A.P. and ReadySCORE. You’ll receive a customized reading list based on questions you have gotten wrong instead of just slogging through hundreds of pages of reading. Surgent takes you right to those readings that will help you ace the questions you previously got incorrect. The course also selects those video lectures that are most closely related to your current area of focus so you’ll know when you should move from one study phase to the next.

As a result of ReadySCORE, Surgent students have statistical evidence to endow them with confidence; according to their findings, students with a score of 75 or higher have an 88% chance of passing the CPA exam!

Convenient and Effective Course

surgent cpa videoNothing beats studying from the comfort of your own home. Short video lectures by expert instructors, a tailor-made study plan, and progress tracking are just a few of Surgent’s convenient and effective features for students who want to go at their own pace.

More than 350 guided video lectures, 7,250+ (8,250+ w/integrated test bank) AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and answers, and more than 400+ task-based simulations can be accessed from your computer, tablet or cell phone. (Please note that Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets and E-Readers are not supported.)

Physical textbooks are available but optional, as the course was designed to be used with electronic texts. Lectures are short (around 15 minutes each), making it more likely that you will stay focused and complete your study session goals.

Customizable Options

Type in the date of your exam, select the days of the week you prefer to study and the software will create a study plan just for you. The online Study Planner calculates the number of hours you will need to study each day in order to complete the entire course before your exam date.

The study notes are a great review tool, especially once you get close to the end of the course and your exam date. Add this to the custom readings and relevant videos that are chosen for you based on your performance (as explained above), and you’ll see how Surgent truly personalizes its course for each client.

Experienced and Engaging Instructors

Course founder Jack Surgent, CPA, and award-winning professor Liz Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA lead a team of experienced CPA instructors, who do a great job of breaking down the more complex material into bite-sized chunks in their short videos.

With Ultimate courses, you get a Dedicated Coach who offers you personalized guidance along your studying journey.

The engaging presentations help you grasp the concepts so that you can apply your knowledge effectively when you get to the practice questions. Former students praise Surgent’s instructors for their high level of energy, clear explanations and helpful study hints. Surgent’s staff is also helpful and prompt.

Customer Support

If you run into any problems during your studies, Surgent offers support via email. You can email [email protected] with specific questions about the course content and the Surgent editorial group will respond within 24 hours. Just make sure you include your exam section and question’s ID number when emailing so they can be as specific as possible.

Free Flashcard App

surgent cpa flashcardsGet access to 2,200+ flashcards by downloading the Surgent CPA FREE flashcard app from the Google Play or Apple stores. You can easily flip through the cards on your phone or mobile device any time you have a few extra minutes to study.

The cards cover the material on all four sections of the CPA exam and include terms with definitions and multiple-choice questions with answers.

Pass Guarantee and Access Until You Pass

Surgent boasts an impressive pass rate: 88% for students who have a high ReadySCORE as per Surgent’s suggested course instructions, and a 100% pass rate for students who finish the whole course with a score of 80% or higher.

If you fail the CPA exam after studying with Surgent, they will refund the tuition or provide continued access to the program until you pass, so course materials do not expire. Please see their website for details of the pass guarantee.

Free Trial, Payment Plan, and Discounts

You can sign up for a free 5-day trial or register to attend a live online 30-45 minute demonstration webinar to find out more about Surgent CPA Review. The webinars are typically offered Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. You can also sign up for the “Video of the Month” to get a video review of a CPA exam topic including related multiple choice questions and simulations.

Surgent CPA Review offers a 0% interest, no-fee monthly tuition plan option for CPA Exam candidates who enroll in the full 4-part CPA Review program. Right now you can save HUNDREDS off all Surgent study materials using this exclusive Surgent CPA Discount Code: 

Things To Improve

The free flashcard app is useful, and the course is accessible from most mobile devices, but it would be great if the app included additional practice questions or was better integrated into the course.

Surgent CPA Review’s price is high compared to the lower tier CPA review courses, but after applying this EXCLUSIVE Coupon Code, the price is a bargain and lower than courses with similar offerings—the Surgent CPA promo codes are great for saving money on your course!

Comparison of Surgent CPA Review Course Offerings

Course FeaturesPremier Pass 4-Part CourseEssentials Pass 4-Part Course
Online Mobile Friendly Course for All 4 Sections
Full Access Until You Pass
Free, Automatic Content Updates
Personalized Adaptive Study Plans
Ongoing 1 on 1 Coaching
350+ Targeted Video Lectures
Customized Study Notes for Each Lecture
7000+ Multiple Choice Questions
Nearly 400 Task Based Simulations
Document Review Sims
Flashcard App for iOS and Android
Printed Textbooks for All 4 Exam Sections ($500 Value)
Printed Flashcards for All 4 Exam Sections ($150 Value)
Ultimate Support from a 1 on 1 Dedicated Coach ($400 Value)
Save $500 with Our Discount Code
Link to CourseGet StartedGet Started

My Suggestion

Surgent CPA Review is a solid choice for students with busy schedules who have little time to waste and want an efficient and flexible review program. The adaptive technology saves students hours of study time by identifying problem areas and directing students to relevant video lectures and reading materials.

Surgent’s creators don’t think students have to read every single page or watch every lecture in order to pass if they work on their weak areas and follow the study suggestions. Their priority is happy customers who pass each section of the CPA exam on the first try. I highly recommend this course for its time-saving efficiency and the unlimited access until you pass.

Why not check out the 3-day free trial today? Or sign up for their webinar to see if Surgent CPA Review is right for you!

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  • Custom Features & Technology Reduce Study Time
  • On-Demand, Online Course
  • Experienced, Energetic Instructors
  • A.S.A.P. Technology and ReadySCORE
  • 7,500 Multiple-choice Questions and 350+ Task-based Simulations
  • 350+ Short, Engaging Videos
  • Flashcard App
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Access Until You Pass


  • No Live Seminars or Interaction with Instructors


Surgent CPA Review Ultimate Pass
Price: $2,899
Includes: 7,250 multiple-choice questions and nearly 400 task-based simulations, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions with detailed explanations, 350+ short video lectures, customized study notes for each lecture, free flashcard app, adaptive learning technology (A.S.A.P. and ReadySCORE), audio course content, CPA Exam Success Coach study sessions, integrated test bank, ultimate customer support, and unlimited course access until you pass.
Surgent CPA Review Premier Pass 4-Part Course

Price: $2,299
Includes: 7,250+ multiple-choice questions and 390 task-based simulations, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions with detailed explanations, 350+ short video lectures, customized study notes for each lecture, free flashcard app, and unlimited course access until you pass.

Individual Section Review (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG)

Price: $499 for each section
Includes: Relevant multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations, videos, and study notes relevant to each section of the exam.


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Surgent CPA Review Course Pros

Surgent CPA Review
1.Excellent Discount Coupon
2.Customizable Course Options
3.Comprehensive Course Materials
4.Adaptive Learning Software
5.Very Experienced Instructors
6.Pass Guarantee & Unlimited Access

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Surgent CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
5 / 5 stars

Wiley CPAexcel Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★ Wiley CPAexcel is one of the best CPA review courses on the market. Their CPA study materials are a great choice if you need to cram short study sessions into your already packed schedule. If you’re working many hours on the job and studying for the CPA exam at the same time, you will really appreciate the efficient “bite-sized” lessons Wiley created specifically for busy employees and students. Within the past year, Wiley has made…

Roger CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★ Roger CPA Review earns the top spot on our list as the most engaging and comprehensive course on the market. Features include high-energy lectures that keep you interested, diagnostics to track your progress, and mnemonics and memorization aids to help you retain the most essential information. If you are looking for an effective and engaging course, you’ve found it. Here are the most important elements that set Roger CPA Review apart from the competition:…

Yaeger CPA Review

yaeger cpa review
Course Rating: ★★★★

Yaeger CPA Review has completely redesigned its course to reflect the upcoming changes to the CPA exam in 2017, and offers a highly customized learning experience to clients.

Founded by Phil Yaeger in 1977, Yaeger CPA Review has recently rolled out its new AdaptaPASS course. By asking you a few questions about how you prefer to learn, the software can generate a tailor-made course that meets your specific needs.

AdaptaPASS Study Experience

Yaeger’s new AdaptaPASS program was developed to provide you with a truly personalized learning experience. Get a completely customized learning platform based on your answers to a few short questions about your learning style and the way you prefer to study (i.e. do you want more readings, or do you want a lot of practice questions? Would you prefer detailed explanations or a short summary? What does your schedule look like?).

yaeger cpaOnce generated, your dashboard will look completely different from other students’ dashboards, even if you are enrolled in the same course.

Yaeger takes advantage of computer adaptive learning to design your course and shape your learning experience. Study modules change based on your performance in previous modules. Each time you use the system it gets “smarter” by using predictive technology to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll receive recommendations of what to focus on according to your study history.

Review content is personalized and optimized so that you are presented with video lectures, audio lectures, textbooks, and customized quizzes and exams that will help you the most.

AdaptaPASS includes unlimited videos, CRAMs, audio and an updated test bank that reflects the new format of the 2017 exam. This course is still in the testing phase, making now a great opportunity to check out the beta version at a discounted price.

Streamlined Dashboard

The well-organized dashboard allows you to see your progress at a glance and makes it easy to navigate among the various modules. Yaeger has kept those features students have found useful in the past and has added several interesting innovations.

One useful feature is the “Book Learning Focus” module. As you are reading information in the online textbook, the content in the windows that surround the primary textbook window changes as the information in the textbook changes.

For example, a series of videos that have content that is related to the textbook section you are reading will pop up in an adjacent window, and multiple choice questions that are directly related to content on the textbook page will come up in another window. As you move to another page or topic, the content in the adjacent windows will change to match the textbook content.

Video Lectures

Yaeger’s video lectures are comprehensive (although somewhat long). The instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions step by step to help you learn how to tackle even the hardest problems and reinforce your understanding of each concept.

Yaeger’s straightforward teaching approach will help you understand each concept and know how to apply it. You can preview a few lectures by clicking on the “view demos” tab on the Yaeger CPA Review website.

Within the course, the videos are completely integrated with the interactive textbook, so you will see the relevant textbook pages appear as the professor discusses them in the lecture. An optional comprehension check follows the videos, so you can answer a question about any information presented in the video to see if you understood the content.

If you have a shorter attention span, you may get bored by Yaeger’s traditional video lectures. They are structured like typical, college-level accounting classes and may appear slow. If you are easily distracted by the surrounding information (textbook sections, videos, relevant multiple choice questions that pop up in adjacent windows), then this might not be the best fit for you.

AICPA Blueprints

In order to make sure that their prep course has the most relevant information for aspiring CPA’s, Yaeger proudly draws from the AICPA’s Blueprints when designing all of their study material. Because of this, students who enroll in this prep course can rest assured that they are learning the most pertinent information that definitely will be on the final exam!

CRAM Courses

There’s nothing like last-minute nerves, and Yaeger’s CRAM courses are designed as a final review that will help candidates refresh their knowledge and prepare themselves a few weeks before they walk into the test center.

This option is ideal if you want to brush up during their final review and raise their score by a few points. Choose between the online-only CRAM and the online + offline USB CRAM course, depending on whether you will have internet access.

One-on-One Live Support

The Live Instructor Hotline provides support from actual CPA exam instructors, so you’re guaranteed to get reliable information straight from the source. This includes live help from Phil Yaeger himself! Access to instructors whenever you need it is especially important for a course that has no live study options. Thanks to the hotline, you can contact your instructors directly for help.

My Suggestion

This comprehensive, in-depth review course will appeal to students who are looking for a self-study option that takes advantage of new technology for a customized educational experience. The live instructor hotline is a huge plus because it provides high-quality, live student support from actual instructors over the telephone. This course is available at a discounted rate thanks to some great Yaeger CPA coupon codes. 

Although we recommend buying the entire course, the option of buying each component separately is convenient if you have already taken and passed one or more sections of the CPA exam, or are looking to supplement your studies with additional materials, such as the test bank, CRAM course, or flashcards.

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Best Yaeger Coupon Codes & Discounts

Yaeger CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
4 / 5 stars

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review Course
Course Rating: ★★★★

Gleim CPA Review is one of the most well-regarded prep courses on the market, and its competitive price makes it an attractive option for many students and young professionals. The completely online review system offers all the information you’ll need to pass the CPA exam.

If you are a self-disciplined individual who will log in and study on a regular basis, Gleim is best suited for you.. Gleim’s good reputation, quality materials, and pass-or-refund guarantees make this a solid choice for those looking to save a little money while they study for the CPA exam. If you want a great deal, check out our discounts page for Gleim CPA discounts!

Comparison of Gleim CPA Review Course Offerings

Course FeaturesPremium CPA ReviewTraditional CPA ReviewCPA Mega Test Bank
Adaptive Technology
Interactive Study Planner
9,200 Multiple Choice QuestionsPhysical Copies of Books
1,000 Task Based Simulations
Customized Support From Personal Counselors & Accounting ExpertsPersonal Counselors
Access Until You Pass
Link to CourseGet StartedGet StartedGet Started


Streamlined Online Dashboard

gleim cpaThe course dashboard offers no distractions and lets you get right down to business. A list of study topics appears on the left, and your scores from the various practice questions, quizzes, and simulations appear next to each topic on the right as you complete them.

Individual units within the study topics are just as streamlined: you’ll see a short list of topics and links to multiple choice practice tests. Everything is very intuitive and organized. All you have to do is motivate yourself to log in and do the work.

Final Review and Exam Rehearsal

Gleim recommends that you complete a Final Review one week before your exam. A link to the Final Review appears underneath the entire list of study topics and contains an Exam Rehearsal module and a Test Prep module.

The Exam Rehearsal feature simulates the actual test you will take in the Prometric testing center so you will be prepared for the format and time restrictions.

In Test Prep mode, you can create a practice exam, a study session, or analyze your performance. You can also design a review session based on your history.

Video and Audio Lectures

gleim audio cpaThe instructor video lectures come bundled with Gleim’s Premium review course and include over 100 videos, ranging from under 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Gleim CPA professors are experienced U.S. professors who lecture on key topics and demonstrate how to solve multiple-choice questions and simulations one step at a time, making it easy to follow.

Audio lectures are also available and can be purchased separately. These lectures include one overview for each Gleim Review study unit. Lectures are clear, of good sound quality, and short (mostly 5-10 minutes). You can download or stream the lectures, making it easy to review while commuting or traveling.

For each study unit, if you purchased the Premium Review System, you can choose your preferred type of lecture: Gleim Instruct (video of professor lecturing), Audiovisual Presentation (Powerpoint slides with narration) and Audio Lectures. (Or listen to and watch all three versions to let the information really sink in!)

Diagnostic Quizzes and Adaptive Learning

A short multiple choice quiz at the beginning of the study unit is another nice feature of Gleim’s Review System. The quiz identifies what you already know before you start your review so you can focus on those areas that need the most attention.

Adaptive learning is the name of the game in the industry, and Gleim has made good use of this technology in its Review System (although you can opt out of this choice and select your own practice questions from those areas you want to study as well).

Large Number of Practice Questions

gleim test bankGleim users get a lot of practice, thanks to the large test question bank. Having access to 10,000+ questions means that you are unlikely to see repeats during your practice sessions and will feel more confident in your skills when you go into the exam.

You can choose from the Test Prep or Simulation Wizard options in the Mega Test Bank. Questions include true/false, multiple choice and Task Based Simulations. You are allowed unlimited attempts on all practice tests.

Check your progress with the Performance Analysis feature, which tells you how are you are doing and identifies areas that require further study.

The Gleim CPA Test Prep module can also be used as a supplement to other CPA review courses. For a low cost, you’ll get access to several thousand additional practice questions.

Free Demo and Pass/Refund Guarantees

If you create an account by providing your email and some information about yourself, you can try out Gleim’s products for free. You’ll get complete access to the first study unit, can check out the Test Prep module, listen to audio lectures, and download and view relevant study materials.

Gleim also offers an impressive set of guarantees for its products. If you do not pass the CPA exam (or individual sections) on your first attempt after using their course, you can request either a refund or unlimited continued access to all online study materials until you pass. Please see Gleim’s website for additional rules and requirements.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

The one drawback of Gleim’s course is that their materials may be too comprehensive. The extensive readings and impressive number of practice questions and simulations are not for the faint of heart and will take some time to work your way through.

My Suggestion

Gleim CPA Review is a great choice for self-motivated learners looking for a less expensive review course that is still effective. The videos may not be as engaging as some of their competitors, but they are clear and taught by friendly and knowledgeable professors who all appear to have the same goal: to get students to pass the CPA exam on their first try.

The program is very flexible because you can buy one of the Review Systems, or you can purchase just the audio lectures or the test bank. The best value for your money, however, is to get the Premium Revew System, which includes everything you could possibly need to know for the CPA exam. The Test Bank alone is probably worth purchasing, even if you are already working with a competitor’s review course.

Try out their extensive free demo today to see if the tried-and-true Gleim materials are right for you!

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Gleim CPA Review Course Information

Gleim CPA Review
1.Price Lower Than Average
2.10% Off Coupon Code
3.Practice Questions
4.Final Review Exam Rehearsal
5.Video & Audio Lectures
6.Free Demo & Refund Guarantee


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Gleim CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
4 / 5 stars

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★ Fast Forward Academy CPA Review is an informative prep course that comes equipped with a variety of enticing features to ensure students succeed at learning the pertinent material in as little time as possible. Thanks to their unlimited practice exams and an affordable price, this largely self-study course will be particularly attractive to self-motivated students looking for a budget-friendly course. While these features are fairly commonplace among other CPA prep courses, Fast Forward…

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Exam Review Course
Course Rating: ★★★★

Becker CPA Review is a very popular review course for students wanting to become a CPA. Even though Becker is one of the more expensive courses on the CPA review course market, it can provide you with a thorough study plan that will help you pass the CPA.

What’s especially impressive about Becker CPA Review is that it’s one of the only companies that offers live classes. This premium course is extremely comprehensive and has all sorts of tools that will prepare you for this notorious exam.

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becker cpa review

1. Excellent Material

Becker’s notes are thorough and provide all the information you could possibly need to know. Your course comes with concise concepts, cutting down the information to what is actually tested on the exams.

Your Becker CPA Review course comes with two full practice exams for each section, more than 6,000 multiple choice questions and nearly 300 task-based simulations. Much of the learning material is interconnected, with answer descriptions for these simulations providing direct links to sections in their lectures and eBooks. There’s 100 hours of instruction from CPAs, attorneys, and exam experts that focus on helping you understand accounting concepts that you will encounter on the CPA exam.

2. Builds on Basic Knowledge

Becker does an excellent job at building on your existing accounting knowledge. That is why Becker is a great course for students that are just coming out of college and need basic knowledge for most of the material.

If you need a lot of in-depth explanations and don’t have that foundational knowledge, then you can utilize Becker’s unlimited academic support tool. As a newly graduated student, this is an excellent CPA review course option for you.

3. Supplemental FAR Material

FAR is known as the hardest section to pass on the CPA exam. If you already know that you are going to need some extra help, Becker could be the course for you. You can purchase supplemental FAR study material to help you feel more confident to pass the upcoming exam.

You can also buy an extra 1,400 flashcards (online or print), 50 supplemental multiple choice questions per each section and the Final Review.

4. Online Functionality

becker promiseBecker’s multimedia online format gives you some freedom to study at your own pace without deadlines. This is a nice option if you are still in school or busy with a fulltime job. Its Study Roadmap and Study Planner are tools that can help you along the way if you’re in these situations; it shows you exactly what to study and how much time to spend on each topic. Furthermore, the Study Planner helps you to create a customized study plan based on your schedule and study habits.

5. Live Courses (Online and In-Person)

Becker is one of the only CPA review courses that also offers Live courses. Even though the live instructors aren’t the greatest, it’s nice to have the option if you prefer an in-person study plan.
If you want a live classroom experience, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can choose the Live Online CPA Review Course with Becker. These courses are made to give you guidance wherever you chose to study.
Regardless of which option you choose, however, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the same level of educational excellence!


6. Financing

Becker has 0% interest financing options for those that need it.

Go To Becker CPA Review


1. Expensive

At just over $3,300 for a full course, Becker is one of the most expensive options for CPA test prep. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to check out some other courses. But if you’re set on Becker and its stellar reputation, check out its financing options and discounts to help ease the strain on your wallet.

2. No Audio Courses

Becker has three main ways for you to study: Self-Study, Live Online Classes, and Live Classes. This should only be an issue for a small portion of students who appreciate learning through audio recordings of lectures. If you are one of these individuals who appreciates listening to educational content while commuting or exercising, you will want to look into additional learning material or seek a different course entirely.


My Suggestion

I would suggest Becker’s online review course if you have the funds to afford it. This course will certainly give you everything you need and more to pass the CPA exam. With Becker’s history, popularity, and excellent reputation, you will know that you are in good hands for passing the CPA Exam.

So… Are you ready to start studying?


Go To Becker CPA Review


Becker CPA Course Quick Info

Becker CPA Facts
1. Excellent Study Materials
2.Financing Options
3.Intuitive Mobile App
4.Clearly Structured Format
5.Great Supplemental Material


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Becker CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
4 / 5 stars

Lambers CPA Review

Course Rating:


Lambers CPA Review

has been helping students pass the CPA exams for over 45 years and they guarantee that you’ll pass too!

The review course has been tailored by actual Lambers instructors to only teach the information needed to pass the exams. It’s a straightforward, no nonsense, traditional kind of course.


1. “Born in the Classroom”

All Lambers materials are prepared by highly qualified instructors. They tailor and adjust the information to what they see you having trouble with and teach only the information that you will need for the exam. It cuts it down to only the information that you will need to pass the exams. “No hype – no fluff”. Just that old-school, straightforward teaching style.

2. Intuitive Software

The Lambers software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The highlight of the software is the Pre-Test and Adaptive Drill Mode. Once you’ve established your baseline skill set in the Pre-Test mode, you move onto the Adaptive Drill mode which focuses on the specific areas that you’ve already noted as weaknesses. The software tracks these needed improvement areas and really helps you focus in on and practice them. This is such a valuable tool since it helps cut out the time you waste on the areas you already know.

3. Audio Course

Lambers provides an option for the Audio Course which turns all your idle time into study time. The Audio Course is compatible with any MP3 player and comes with CD’s. The audio covers the Lambers textbooks and then goes through hundreds of questions and problems worked out by the professors. It’s perfect for you if you are an auditory learner who learn best from listening and is also really good if you are always on the go. It maximizes study time during really unproductive times (gym, driving, laundry, doctor’s appointments, etc.).

4. No Pass No Pay Guarantee

Lambers is so confident that you will pass that they offer a full refund if you fail your exam. The only conditions to qualify for this refund are that 1) it was purchased directly from Lambers, 2) the corresponding exam was failed twice, and 3) the returned materials must be received or postmarked no later than 30 days after receiving the second failed notice.

Also, their Video Courseware is updated for free for one year after purchase.


1. Lectures aren’t Entertaining

If you’re looking to be entertained and just can’t study without being completely engaged by an instructor, then this course is not for you! Lambers is very traditional in the sense that instructors are meant strictly to teach the material, not to entertain you.

2. Lack of User Feedback

Although Lambers has been around for years, it’s not one of the review courses pushed by big firms. There isn’t a ton of user feedback for CPA candidates to refer to when choosing this review course. I think that with such little feedback, it’s hard for most people to feel comfortable choosing a course that is not widely known.

3. Low Quality Videos

The information presented in the lectures is good quality but that is anything but true for the resolution of the actual videos. The videos are of really low quality which feels like you’ve gone back in time. I swear, it’s reminiscent of those old school 80’s VHS training videos. Total time warp!


If you’re a great self-studier and you’re into the “no hype, no fluff” teaching style, then this course can work for you. However, I wouldn’t recommend using Lambers as your primary review course. I would suggest using the audio for on-the-go studying and only the full Audit Review section from Lambers (it has highly reviewed instructor from actual students). It’s a quality review course but I think that there are other courses that are more comprehensive as a whole over Lambers.

Compare the Top 5 CPA Review Courses!


Lambers CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
3 / 5 stars


Wiley CPAexcel vs. Becker CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review are some of the most popular CPA review courses used by test takers. You are probably wondering what the differences are between the two and which one is ultimately better.

In this review I will compare and contrast Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review’s textbooks, software, practice tests, and other important features to help you pick a course that fits your learning style.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker Course Formats

Becker has 3 different course formats for you to choose from: online, self-study, and live classes. Even though Becker is the only CPA review company that provides a live classroom course, many students say that the quality of their instructors is lacking and honestly not worth your time.

Wiley CPAexcel is offered in an online, self-study, and virtual classroom format. You are given a USB flashdrive with each course so you can have access to all its materials offline as well as DVD’s of the video lectures. Wiley’s virtual classes are a blend of pre-recorded lectures and live instruction. This is a relatively new feature, so if you have any feedback about the quality of these classes please let everyone know in the comment box below!

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPA vs Becker Cost Comparison

Becker is the most expensive course on the market at $3,393 for all 4 sections. Wiley CPAexcel is a whole thousand dollars cheaper for its Platinum Course, costing you $2,295. An even more affordable option is Wiley’s Silver Course for $1,590. I will reference the Platinum Course in the pricing chart below since it is the one most similar to Becker and is also endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms; not to mention the Platinum course is the most popular. You can also find amazing deals on the various Wiley CPAexcel course levels on our discounts page.

CPA Review Cost ComparisonWiley CPAexcelBecker CPA Review
Full-Course Price$2,800$3,393
Single Section Price$800$1,131
Admin FeesNone$95
Cost to Repeat the CourseFree$565 Per Section

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley vs. Becker CPA Books

The Becker books are overly fanciful with too much focus on colored diagrams and images. The content is organized and structured but you’ll find it difficult to get through the dry material. The sections in Becker are way longer than Wiley’s, making it harder to fit quick study sessions into your busy schedule.

Wiley has plain looking books that don’t distract you with fancy formatting and images. There is also more space to take notes in the margins and in between paragraphs. Wiley’s books were a much more useful experience.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley vs Becker CPA Exam Practice Questions

Wiley CPAexcel’s course includes 12,000 multiple choice questions, 600 task based simulations, and 6,200 true/false questions. The true/false questions are referred to as “proficiency questions” and are used to gauge your understanding of a certain section.

Becker, on the other hand, has only 7,200 multiple choice questions and 400 task based simulations, many of which are no longer relevant. Clearly, Wiley crushes Becker when it comes to practice questions, which are arguably the most important part of your CPA preparations.  

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley  CPA vs. Becker Flashcards

Becker’s flashcards are overpriced, in my opinion. For $299 you receive 1,000 Becker flashcards in either a mobile or printed format. The mobile flashcards are accessible on iOS (Apple), Kindle, and Android mobile devices.

Wiley CPAexcel already comes with 4,100 digital flashcards, so you don’t have to pay extra for a substantial amount of flashcards. Each section in their software comes equipped with flashcards relevant to the most important definitions and terms covered.  You can buy 1,000 printed flashcards for $150 if you prefer them to be tangible.

*Study Tip: Don’t BUY flashcards, MAKE them! You will retain much more information by physically creating them by yourself.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Course Expiration and Access

The Becker software expires after 18 months. This can end up costing you a lot of money if you need more study time or end up failing a section of the exam. You will have to pay 50% of the original course cost to renew your access. And that’s a pretty decent amount since this course is so expensive to begin with.

Your access to Wiley CPAexcel never expires and you never have to pay to renew your access or update your materials. Plus, you can take unlimited course repeats and have access to their online material for an entire year AFTER you pass the CPA exam.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Software and Content Updates

To no surprise, Becker does not update their practice exams, simulations, or video lectures for free. Each time the material covered on the CPA exam changes, you will have to pay extra for the most relevant course.

Wiley CPAexcel comes with free software and content updates. You will always have access to the up-to-date video lectures online for free, or if you prefer to watch them via DVD, they will ship you the new one for only $8. If you like to study off-line, the updated CD-rom software only costs $8 as well.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

My Suggestion

It’s pretty obvious which course wins when comparing the two’s features. Wiley is far superior in my opinion, but it’s your study process! It’s much more important to pick a CPA review course that compliments your learning style. So go check out the free demos for Wiley and Becker to find out for yourself which course fits better with how you prefer to learn.

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Wiley CPA vs Becker CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
4 / 5 stars