Best CMA Review Courses

Everyone interested in becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) must first pass the 2 part CMA exam. However, doing so can be very difficult; according to the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, only 45% of test-takers passed in 2020. It’s understandable that you’ll want to increase your chances of passing on your first try— and that’s where CMA exam prep courses come in handy.

Here’s the good news: I looked at the best CMA exam prep courses on the market and ranked them below. Each of these has something unique that can help you pass on your first try, so you owe it to yourself to try one out!

#1. Becker CMA Review Course

becker review course


Unlike other courses, Becker wants you to understand concepts instead of simply memorize them. That’s why their course focuses heavily on proficiency.

Course Details

As I stated before, Becker’s CMA exam prep course focuses heavily on increasing your proficiency. That’s why your lessons are frequently interspersed with personal review sessions. These allow your teachers to see how well you understand the major concepts of the course. They can then use this insight to adjust your course going forward, allowing you to excel on the CMA exam and during your professional life.

Becker offers 2 course options: Review Advantage and Review Pro. Review Advantage costs $999 and includes all of the essential course features such as the review sessions, lectures, and practice exams. The $1,399 Review Pro course adds in live content through an online classroom and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. If you anticipate the need for a tutor, this is an excellent choice— although Advantage is also an excellent option that costs a bit less. 

Becker CMA Exam Review Course Features

  • Digital Textbooks
  • 500+ Flashcards
  • Lecture Videos
  • Personalized Review Sessions
  • Unlimited Practice Tests

Pros and Cons

Course Flexibility: Becker allows you to choose which part of the exam to focus on first. They don’t want you to work through everything in a set order. Instead, they’re comfortable with ensuring that you can follow a study schedule that you’re comfortable with.
Video Lectures: Each major test concept comes with a well designed video lecture. Watching these will help you understand how to apply what you’re learning to your future career as a CMA. Plus, each lecture is delivered by an experienced professional. That way they can base what they’re teaching you on thing’s they’ve experienced as a CMA.
Price: Becker’s courses are fairly expensive. You’ll need to pay over $1000 to get access to everything they have to offer. Luckily, the course does go on sale frequently. I’d highly recommend waiting until a major sale before making any purchases.

Why Becker? Becker is a good course that wants you to have a deep understanding of the CMA exam. I’d personally recommend their Review Advantage course, unless you really want the live content.


#2. Surgent CMA Review Course

Surgent CMA Review Course


Surgent combines excellent self study materials with effective adaptive learning technology to ensure that you’ll pass the CMA exam.

Course Details

Surgent’s CMA exam prep course has been designed first and foremost to be efficient. That’s why their whole course uses adaptive technology to only focus on the areas you need help in— which eliminates a ton of wasted time and creates a well-organized study schedule. You can also study on multiple devices (such as your phone or tablet) with progress shared across all of them.

Surgent offers 3 different course options based on what you’re interested in. First is the Essentials Pass for $699, which gives you access to adaptive technology and self-study materials. Next is the $999 Premier Pass, which adds an additional 60 video lectures to the course. 

Finally, you can choose the Ultimate Pass for $1699. We recommend this one over the other two because it gives you 1-on-1 coaching lessons with a Surgent instructor; compared to the cost of a private tutor, this is significantly more affordable!

Surgent CMA Review Course Features

  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • 4,000+ Practice Questions
  • 60+ Video Lectures
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Adaptive Learning Technology

Pros and Cons

Adaptive Learning: Surgent’s courses use a proprietary learning technology called Smart Study. This system adjusts the course based on your performance during studying. As a result, you’ll focus on areas you need additional help in and save time that would otherwise be wasted on subjects you already understand.
Testing Materials:  When using this course, you have the option to take an unlimited number of practice tests. Doing so will let you grow comfortable with testing before you attempt the CMA exam. Plus, each test comes with explanations for the answers. That way you can learn even when you get something wrong.
Mobile Friendly: All course materials have been designed to work on both desktop and mobile. Thanks to that, it’s easier than ever to learn on the go. Simply put in some study time on your phone whenever you have breaks throughout the day. Thanks to this, your learning process can be stress and hassle free!

Why Surgent? Surgent is on the top of this list for a reason. Their no-nonsense approach to studying is easily the most effective one I’ve seen.


#3. Gleim CMA Prep Course

Gleim CMA Review Course


Gleim’s review course includes a large volume of CMA exam review materials. Each course includes thousands of practice questions and dozens of video lectures; it even includes several interactive essay problems to prepare you for the essay portion of the exam. And much like Surgent’s adaptive learning tech, you also have the option of checking in with a personal counselor to help create a study schedule.

Gleim’s CMA course costs $1279 to access. You also have the option of purchasing only one of the two parts for $760. If, for some reason,  you aren’t interested in any additional features, you can also purchase just the test bank for $999.

Gleim CMA Review Features

  • Thousands of Practice Questions With Detailed Answer Explanations
  • 45+ Hours of Video/Audio Lectures
  • Detailed Performance Results
  • Personal Coaching
  • Access Until You Pass Guarantee

Why Gleim? Choose Gleim if you want a large volume of practice quizzes, tests, and lectures without any gimmicks. They have a lot to offer for a fairly low price, and the personalized instruction is especially helpful if you struggle with a specific section or subject of the CMA exam.


#4. CMA Exam Academy Review

CMA Exam Academy Prep Course


CMA Exam Academy primarily offers live content. In addition to lectures, you’re contacted by a CMA coach every week for progress reports and accountability checks. You can also receive unlimited personal coaching support at any time. 

All in all, the course follows a highly structured 16-week study plan that closely replicated a traditional classroom. Even your practice exams are held in-person at a Prometric testing center; getting accustomed to the actual testing environment in this way will help you pass the CMA exam in the future.

CMA Exam Academy Features

  • Weekly Support Calls
  • Video/Audio Review Lectures
  • 35+ Essay Questions
  • Printed and Digital Textbooks
  • Complete Formula Guides

Why CMA Exam Academy? This is the course to take if you’re interested in structured, live content. However, you may want to pick Surgent or Becker’s study materials instead if you prefer to have more freedom when studying, or you feel like you need more than a few months to prepare for your exam.


#5. Hock CMA Review Course

Hock International Courses


Although they’re not nearly as good as our top picks for CMA exam prep, Hock is a great way to access affordable CMA study materials. They don’t include adaptive technology like Surgent or live coaching like Gleim; instead, they provide high-quality essay questions, mock exams, video lectures, and textbooks. That way you can save money while still getting the study materials that you need.

Payment for Hock’s courses is based on what materials you’re interested in. The test bank on it’s own costs $299, and adding in textbooks increases the price to $419. The last option includes 62 hours of video content for $869. If you’re willing to pay a little more, you should consider one of our top-rated courses instead— but if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great educational resource to prepare you for the exam!

Hock CMA Exam Prep Features

  • Instructors with 20+ Years of Professional Experience
  • 3,000+ Practice Questions, Practice Exams, and Essay Questions
  • Private Student Forums
  • Step-by-Step Study Guide
  • You Pass Or We Pay Guarantee

Why Hock CMA? Hock doesn’t have much to offer that isn’t done better elsewhere. But if you can’t afford much, you can do a lot worse.


CMA Review FAQs

Q: What degree is best for CMA?

A: Since this is an accounting certification, an accounting or finance degree is recommended. Despite that, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) accepts all accredited degrees for the prerequisites.

Q: Can I pass my CMA in 3 months?

A: It’s certainly possible, but it’s very difficult. You’ll need to dedicate most of your time to studying for the exam. That means certain hobbies and social interactions will fall to the wayside. I believe it’s better to take your time and improve your chances.

Q: How do I pass the CMA on my first attempt?

A: Almost every single CMA exam prep course on this list guarantees that you’ll pass the test on your first try if you enroll. Passing should be simple as long as you complete everything they have to offer and follow up with your instructor if you have any questions.