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Hey everyone! My name is Jess and I want to help you in your journey to becoming a CPA. Before I took the CPA exam, I devoured anything and everything I could find out about the exam. I scoured the web, flocked to the forums, and watched every YouTube video I could find that was of value.

In the forums, I asked everyone for any information that would help me. I sifted through an insane amount of information, distilling it into my own personal strategy to conquer the CPA exam. In essence, I completely over prepared before taking the exam. But that’s how I am! It gave me peace of mind before beginning my studying. Oh, and I beat the CPA exam in just 3 months!

I realize that isn’t the best way to go about it and that it’s not how most people do things. That’s why I created this site! I’ve taken the things that actually helped me pass—and put it into concise and easy to consume articles and reviews. I’m giving you the essential tips and what review courses will best fit your needs and how to stick to a super strict study schedule. It’s all here in one easy place. So let’s get started on helping you to pass the CPA exam, quickly!

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Wow! Jess really knows her stuff. I followed her advice, stuck to my schedule, and I beat the crap outta the exam!

Reise H.

I definitely shortened my study time because of this site. It’s a great one-stop-shop for everything you need to know. I recommend it to all my colleagues studying for the exam.

Raymond F.

Best place to get everything I wanted to know. I used it help me pick Roger’s review course. I based my study schedule largely off of her plan. And I also beat the cpa in 3 months. Boom!

Shannon D.