Surgent CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Surgent CPA Review promises to deliver excellent test results in less study time. This efficient program targets the most important topics on the CPA exam and uses adaptive learning technology to pinpoint students’ weak areas so they can focus on their knowledge gaps.
Founder Jack Surgent and expert instructor Liz Kolar lead an experienced and effective team of teachers. Their comprehensive study materials cover all essential topics on the CPA exam without getting bogged down in the details.

Surgent Adaptive Technology

surgent cpa macSurgent takes advantage of the latest technology to help students cut down on study time. The company reports that most clients spend less than 100 hours studying for each part of the exam. Surgent’s proprietary software determines which areas need more practice and which topics have already been mastered.
The program tracks your results as you answer questions and builds custom study sessions for you based on that information. After you’ve answered about a third of the questions in a section, the software selects those questions you should study next and directs you to specific readings and videos.

You’ll receive a customized reading list based on questions you have gotten wrong. Instead of slogging through hundreds of pages of reading, Surgent takes you right to those readings that will help you ace the questions you previously got incorrect. The course also selects those video lectures that are most closely related to your current area of focus so you’ll know when you should move from one study phase to the next.

Convenient and Effective Course

surgent cpa videoNothing beats studying from the comfort of your own home. Short video lectures by expert instructors, a tailor-made study plan, and progress tracking are just a few of Surgent’s convenient and effective features for students who want to go at their own pace.

More than 350 guided video lectures, 7,500 AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and answers, and 260 task-based simulations can be accessed from your computer, tablet or cell phone. (Please note that Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets and E-Readers are not supported.)

Physical textbooks are available but optional, as the course was designed to be used with electronic texts. Lectures are short (around 15 minutes each), making it more likely that you will stay focused and complete your study session goals.

Customizable Options

Type in the date of your exam, select the days of the week you prefer to study and the software will create a study plan just for you. The online Study Planner calculates the number of hours you will need to study each day in order to complete the entire course before your exam date.
The study notes are a great review tool, especially once you get close to the end of the course and your exam date. Add this to the custom readings and relevant videos that are chosen for you based on your performance (as explained above), and you’ll see how Surgent truly personalizes its course for each client.

Experienced and Engaging Instructors

Course founder Jack Surgent, CPA, and award-winning professor Liz Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA lead a team of experienced CPA instructors, who do a great job of breaking down the more complex material into bite-sized chunks in their short videos.
The engaging presentations help you grasp the concepts so that you can apply your knowledge effectively when you get to the practice questions. Former students praise Surgent’s instructors for their high level of energy, clear explanations and helpful study hints. Surgent’s staff is also helpful and prompt. You can contact them by phone and email and the turn-around time for a response is typically less than 24 hours.

Free Flashcard App

surgent cpa flashcardsGet access to 2,200+ flashcards by downloading the Surgent CPA FREE flashcard app from the Google Play or Apple stores. You can easily flip through the cards on your phone or mobile device any time you have a few extra minutes to study.
The cards cover the material on all four sections of the CPA exam and include terms with definitions and multiple-choice questions with answers.

Pass Guarantee and Access Until You Pass

Surgent boasts an impressive pass rate: 89.7% overall for students who follow Surgent’s suggested course instructions, and a 100% pass rate for students who finish the whole course with a score of 80% or higher.
If you fail the CPA exam after studying with Surgent, they will refund the tuition or provide continued access to the program until you pass, so course materials do not expire. Please see their website for details of the pass guarantee.

Free Trial, Payment Plan, and Discounts

You can sign up for a free 5-day trial or register to attend a live online 30-45 minute demonstration webinar to find out more about Surgent CPA Review. The webinars are typically offered Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. You can also sign up for the “Video of the Month” to get a video review of a CPA exam topic including related multiple choice questions and simulations.
Surgent CPA Review offers a 0% interest, no-fee monthly tuition plan option for CPA Exam candidates who enroll in the full 4-part CPA Review program. Right now you can save $500 OFF all Surgent study materials using this exclusive Surgent CPA Discount Code!

Things To Improve

The free flashcard app is useful, and the course is accessible from most mobile devices, but it would be great if the app included additional practice questions or was better integrated into the course.
Surgent CPA Review’s price is high compared to the lower tier CPA review courses, but after applying this $500 OFF Coupon Code, the price is a bargain and lower than courses with similar offerings—the Surgent CPA promo codes are great for saving money on your course!

Comparison of Surgent CPA Review Course Offerings

Course FeaturesPremier Pass 4-Part CourseEssentials Pass 4-Part Course
Online Mobile Friendly Course for All 4 Sections
Full Access Until You Pass
Free, Automatic Content Updates
Personalized Adaptive Study Plans
Ongoing 1 on 1 Coaching
350+ Targeted Video Lectures
Customized Study Notes for Each Lecture
6000+ Multiple Choice Questions
Nearly 400 Task Based Simulations
Document Review Sims
Flashcard App for iOS and Android
Printed Textbooks for All 4 Exam Sections ($500 Value)
Printed Flashcards for All 4 Exam Sections ($150 Value)
Premier Support from a 1 on 1 Dedicated Coach ($400 Value)
Save $500 with Our Discount Code
Link to CourseGet StartedGet Started

My Suggestion

Surgent CPA Review is a solid choice for students with busy schedules, who have little time to waste and want an efficient and flexible review program. The adaptive technology saves students hours of study time by identifying problem areas and directing students to relevant video lectures and reading materials.
Surgent’s creators don’t think students have to read every single page or watch every lecture in order to pass if they work on their weak areas and follow the study suggestions. Their priority is happy customers who pass each section of the CPA exam on the first try. I highly recommend this course for its time-saving efficiency and the unlimited access until you pass.
Why not check out the 3-day free trial today? Or sign up for their webinar to see if Surgent CPA Review is right for you!

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  • Custom Features & Technology Reduce Study Time
  • On-Demand, Online Course
  • Experienced, Energetic Instructors
  • 7,500 Multiple-choice Questions and 260+ Task-based Simulations
  • 350+ Short, Engaging Videos
  • Flashcard App
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Access Until You Pass


  • No Live Seminars or Interaction with Instructors


Surgent CPA Review Premier Pass 4-Part Course

Price: $2,299 (less with our discount!) 
Includes: 6,700+ multiple-choice questions and 260 task-based simulations, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions with detailed explanations, 350+ short video lectures, customized study notes for each lecture, free flashcard app, and unlimited course access until you pass.

Individual Section Review (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG)

Price: $499 for each section
Includes: Relevant multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations, videos, and study notes relevant to each section of the exam.


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Surgent CPA Course Facts

Surgent CPA Review
1.$500 Off Discount Coupon
2.Customizable Course Options
3.Comprehensive Course Materials
4.Adaptive Learning Software
5.Very Experienced Instructors
6.Pass Guarantee & Unlimited Access

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Surgent CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
5 / 5 stars

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4 replies
  1. Vijaya
    Vijaya says:

    I’m trying to decide between Wiley and Surgent. I like to study on my own time and am on a budget. They both seem like good courses. What would you recommend?

    • Jess Davis
      Jess Davis says:


      You are correct they are both good options. If you need to finance the course then you should go with Surgent which offers financing. Surgent is also known for their experienced instructors. On the other hand if you don’t need to finance the purchase and have very limited study time Wiley is a good option. Hope that helps!

    • Jess Davis
      Jess Davis says:

      Hey Kurt,

      The Surgent flashcard app contains over 2,200 terms/questions that students can download free and it covers all 4 sections of the CPA Exam. Students have the ability to access the terms by exam section. Hope that helps!


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