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Course Rating: ★★★★★

Roger CPA Review earns the top spot on our list as the most engaging and comprehensive course on the market. Features include high-energy lectures that keep you interested, diagnostics to track your progress, and mnemonics and memorization aids to help you retain the most essential information.

If you are looking for an effective and engaging course, you’ve found it. Here are the most important elements that set Roger CPA Review apart from the competition:

Comparison of Roger CPA Review Course Offerings

 Course FeaturesSelectPremierElite
100 + hours of video lecture
Electronic and physical course textbooks
6,200+ multiple choice questions and task-based simulations
CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of full length practice exams
Integrated study tools for enhanced learning & retention
Homework Help Center access
Customizable study planners
Course Access
Free material updates
Offline Lectures on USB drive
CPA Exam Flashcards
Audio Lectures
Roger Cram Course
Link to CourseGet StartedGet StartedGet Started

User-Friendly Online Platform

interactive-cpa-review-practice-questionsThe streamlined dashboard design is a definite plus of this course. When you log in, you can choose a course outline (BEC, FAR, AUD or REG) and get started right away with a video, or try your hand at practice questions.

At the top of the dashboard, a countdown clock tells you how many days you have left before the exam, and the top right reminds you exactly where you left off during your most recent study session. It also shows you how much of the course you’ve already completed to gauge your progress.

You can navigate easily among different sections on the site, watch videos or listen to audio lectures, or take notes and solve practice questions. The dash keeps a current overview of all of your studying in a kind of table of contents, so you can see how much of a video you’ve viewed, and whether you’ve bookmarked certain topics.

Video Lectures

The video lectures in this course stand out for their high energy and fast pace. One thing is for sure: you will not be bored while you study if you choose Roger CPA Review! The course founder, Roger Philipp, keeps you interested and focused with his upbeat and unique “Roger Method” and fast-paced lectures.

His passion for helping students pass the CPA exam is evident, and he brings almost 25 years of teaching experience to the table. You can speed up or slow down the lectures if you want to hear something again or need more time for the information to sink in.

You can take notes in the video module and highlight or search text that pops up in the window immediately to the right of the video you are watching. The program saves and archives your notes, which can be accessed and downloaded at any time from the “My Notes Summary” section in either PDF or HTML format. The Video Bookmark feature allows you to tag a specific time in the lectures to make it easier for you to go back and review it later.

Excellent Mnemonics

Roger CPA Review makes superb use of mnemonics and other memorization tactics to help students retain all essential information and recall details when it matters most. These tools provide a better, less painful way for you to remember many of the tedious details that are tested on the exam. Being able to recall this information on exam day will definitely give you a leg up on the competition and help boost your test scores.

Integrated Textbook

roger cpa onlineThe course textbook is fully integrated with the software, allowing students to take notes, create custom practice tests and quizzes, and check on their scores while they are online. Textbooks are available in both physical and online editions.

The course itself is available online and can be accessed from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Roger offers great flexibility with convenient 24/7 online access, availability on both iOS and Android devices, offline access with USB, in addition to audio lectures.

Revamped Practice Questions

Roger CPA recently updated their practice question bank, giving you access to more than 5,000 practice questions, simulations, and AICPA-released questions. Also included are detailed explanations so that you will know exactly why a specific answer choice is the correct one.

The diagnostic software tracks and analyzes your performance so you can identify which sections you’ll need to review again before you take the exam.

24/7 Support

You can also get around-the-clock help from actual CPAs through the Homework Help Center if you need clarification of a trickier concept or two. Simply go to the Homework Help Center screen, select “Ask a Question” and fill out the form, and you’ll get a professional response in less than 24 hours.

Fast Pace of Lectures

roger cpa demoRoger teaches his lectures at a faster pace than other review courses. His energetic teaching style helps to keep you engaged and focused at all times, and it’s very effective, however some students may have a harder time keeping up.

To address this issue, Roger’s development team added the feature that gives you the ability to slow down the playback speed of each video in addition to closed captions or subtitles for English. This is extremely helpful for international students, students with learning disabilities, and any other CPA candidates who prefer to learn at a slower pace.

Check out this Free Demo to see if his teaching style is a good fit for you.

Special Discounts

  • Fresh Start Discount: If you recently purchased a CPA review course that didn’t help, cost over $400, and would like to purchase Roger CPA Review- you are eligible for the 20% Off Fresh Start Discount.
  • Student Discount: College students who are enrolled in 12 units or have graduated within the last 60 days are eligible for a 10% Off Student Discount. The Roger CPA discount is good for a one time purchase of all Roger CPA Review Courses and Products.
  • Crush Discount: Roger CPA Review is offering a GIANT limited-time Roger CPA discount for Beat The CPA readers! Check out the details of this exclusive offer Show Coupon .

Financing Plans Available

Roger CPA Review now also offers financing plans to help cash-strapped students afford their courses and materials on a fixed monthly payment schedule.

Good CPA review courses are not cheap, and Roger CPA Review has partnered with another company to offer financing as low as $149 a month for qualified clients.

Here’s how it works: you’ll be asked to supply basic information during checkout if you select the “Affirm Monthly Payment” option. You will find out right away if you are approved. You can pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with interest rates from 10-30% APR, depending on your credit rating.

You can pay your monthly bill with a bank transfer, check, or debit card. To learn more about these financing options please click here to read the details on the Roger CPA Review website.

roger cpa financing

Audio Review Course

roger cpa audioRoger Philipp writes his own textbooks and teaches every lecture in the program himself, so you can be confident in the high quality of material. The Roger CPA Audio course features the same dynamic and high-spirited lectures for which Roger has become known.

If I had to pick one audio course, this would definitely be my first choice. It’s available in an MP3 format and focuses on the most heavily-tested CPA exam topics. You can listen on-the-go in your car or during your commute to maximize your study time.

My Suggestion

The best reason to choose Roger CPA Review is to watch the man himself in action. His motivational lectures, catchy mnemonics, and high quality materials make reviewing for this challenging exam more interesting and efficient than other CPA prep courses. I appreciate that Roger can take any accounting topic and make it interesting, while cutting out any extraneous information to shorten study time.

The mnemonics help you remember detailed information, the student discounts make the course price reasonable, and the online options make it a breeze to study from different locations whenever you have the time.

I highly recommend Roger CPA review if you are looking for a quick, engaging, and efficient way to study for and pass the CPA exam.

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  • Dynamic and Entertaining Video Lectures
  • User-Friendly Platform and Streamlined Dash
  • 5,000+ Updated Multiple Choice Questions with Explanations
  • Ingenious Mnemonics
  • Student Discounts
  • 24/7 Support from Qualified CPAs
  • High Quality Materials and Flexibility
  • Financing Offered


  • No Unlimited Course Access – Offers 18-24 Months of Access


Select Course Package

Price: $1,699 or starting at $148.99/month
Includes: 100+ hours of lectures, electronic/physical textbooks, 5,000+ practice questions and simulations, unlimited practice exams, course diagnostics, Homework Help Center support, study planner, 18 months of course access, and free updates.

Premier Course Package

Price: starts at $2,299 or as low as $184.15/month
Includes: Everything in Select Package plus 6 month extension for a total of 24 months access, and offline lectures on USB drive.

Elite Course Package

Price: starts at $2,999 or $254.47/month
Includes: Everything in Premier Package plus CPA Exam Flashcards, Audio Lectures and Cram Course.

Cram Course

Price: Full Online Cram Course $970/ Flash Drive Cram Course $995
Includes: Choice of online (2-month access) or portable flash drive (8-month access), 10-25 minute lectures, practice questions related to purchased lectures plus explanations, and electronic and physical textbooks.

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Roger CPA Review Info

Roger CPA Review Course
1.Integrated Textbooks
2.24/7 Support
3.Save 10% Off With Coupon Code
4.Memorization Strategies
5.Audio Review Course
6.Excellent Mnemonics

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Roger CPA Review
Written by: Jessica Davis
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Roger CPA Review
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Roger CPA Review
A thorough review of Roger CPA Review and Prep course from the perspective of a CPA.